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Water Damage Claims: What You Should Know   Leave a comment

Water Damage Claims: What You Should Know

water damage

Did you know that over 50 percent of claims involve water damage? Some examples include pipe, supply line, and appliance failures, as well as roof or window leaks. It is very important that any damage caused by water is addressed and remediated early on during the life cycle of the claims process.
It is recommended that homeowners do not attempt to deal with the water damage themselves. A better solution is to hire a certified water restoration professional. Most insurance companies and agencies maintain a database of certified water extraction vendors that must meet strict guidelines to ensure superior customer service. As an added value to the policyholder, our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives can put the policyholder directly in touch with one of our preferred water extraction vendors while on the line. This practice guarantees our policyholders have a trained professional in their home to assist in the drying process.
Prompt response to drying out the home is crucial in preventing further damages. Experiencing a water loss to your home can be extremely stressful, so let us help you by recommending a preferred vendor that in trained and meets rigid standards. If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of our staff at (239) 656-5551


Hurricane Checklist That You May Find Useful   Leave a comment

This year is predicted to be “a big one” in terms of hurricane activity! Just to get you started on your preparations, here’s a quick checklist of supplies. This is the simplest way to prepare in advance. Your storm kit should always have the following! Get these ready early, and consider giving one of the personal supply kits to each employee. Be sure to use sealed, waterproof boxes. You should make two or three kits and send them home with different managers. Extension cords Small desk lamps and spare bulbs Manual phones that require no power to operate Duct tape Water Granola bars and snack foods Wet wipes Gas/Fuel for generators Batteries (AA, AAA, C, and D’s) Bug Spray Flashlights Candles and matches and lighters Lanterns and oil Sunscreen Fix a Flat Alternate supply source! Fire extinguisher Coolers for ice, etc. Fans Antibacterial cleaning wipes, and old towel or two A list with everyone’s contact information, laminated, and a phone tree. If the storm is bad enough that any of your employees are homeless or affected in a big way – you’ll need everyday personal supplies like: Sundries (shampoo, cream rinse, soap, razor’s, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brushes, shaving cream, lotion, & deodorant, sunscreen, bug spray) Personal feminine hygiene products Handi-wipes; any kind of clean up cloths in packaging i.e. pamper or huggie wipes. Hand sterilizer products Due to the stress, you will need Mylanta, Pepto, Imodium, Alka Seltzer, Aspirin, Tylenol, etc. Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, plastic glasses, plastic ware, tissues) Food items that are useful: Dinners in a can like stew, thick soups, chow mien – and a can opener! Other canned goods Crackers and breakfast type foods, breakfast bars for example Water, soda, instant tea, coffee Sweets like small pre-packaged cookies, twinkies, graham crackers, raisins etc. Packaged chips, pretzels, nuts and snacks Peanut butter and jelly “Our blogs are for general education and information only and may not represent your unique needs. Coverages will vary. Please contact your insurance agent to verify your specific policy terms and conditions.”

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