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animal liability

Your pets are likely more of a liability to you than you realize. In fact, many dog breeds are specifically excluded from traditional homeowners’ policies. That means that anything from digging and playful nips to injurious bites or even provoked attacks could easily leave you vulnerable to a devastating lawsuit. Did you know that 4.7 million dog bites happen every year––making dog-related damage the biggest cause of homeowner’s insurance claims? As a result, many insurance companies are limiting dog bite insurance coverage or excluding animal liability coverage all together. With increasingly strict state and local regulations being enforced across the country, animal liability and dog bite insurance coverage are things that every dog owner should consider. There are costs associated with dog bite claims that include medical treatment, surgical procedures and counseling not to mention the legal bills.

Dog Breeds Most Commonly Excluded from Homeowners Coverage:
• Bully Breeds
• Pit Bulls
• Chows
• Rottweilers
• Doberman Pinschers
• German Shepherds
• Akitas

Just because your dogs breed isn’t listed doesn’t mean you are covered, many companies have an extensive list of prohibited breeds, some of which, you may have never even heard of. A stand-alone animal liability policy should be able to give you more protection against a possible large out of pocket claim. This is purchased in addition to a homeowners or renters policy that provides other coverages you still need.

It is not just dogs that are a problem for insurance exclusions, In Florida most companies exclude ANIMAL liability. This could include your parrot that takes a chunk out of someone’s finger or even a cat that your neighbor trips over. Let’s not forget those exotic animals like large iguanas, tigers, snakes, monkeys or even alligators that are kept as pets.

“Our blogs are for general education and information only and may not represent your unique needs. Coverages will vary. Please contact your insurance agent to verify your specific policy terms and conditions.”

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