Cell phone distraction affects and impedes driving for all but a few of us.   Leave a comment

A recent study out of the University of Utah found that there are very few, a whopping 2.5% of those studied, who can actually multitask by driving safely and talking on their cell phone. Most of the rest of us, 97.5%, could not stand up to the challenge of chatting on our cell phones and driving in a simulated test. It those 97.5% of people, about 20% percent longer to brake when they needed to, compared to how quickly they could brake without the distractions of their cell phone.

So when you are talking on your cell phone and driving, you might think you are one of the few, the proud, the 2.5%, and can do it safely, but there is a 97.5% chance you can’t. A lot of people don’t realize the damage that this can cause to not only property, but to individuals as well, and just because you may be insured, the consequences of cell phone or PDA (personal digital assistant) distractions could be a life changing event and not just damage to property…think about it!

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